Engineering Design and Prototyping


Full Cycle Product Development

We have Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Expertise

We are using latest 3D CAD Design Software to Shorten Time of Development and Reduce Errors

We are able to design Precision Engineering Components

working with carefully selected manufacturers located in North Wales

We use Rapid Prototyping in product development to minimise time and reduce costs


We are a passionate team of multi-skilled mechanical, electrical and software engineers, entrepreneurs and inventors dedicated to developing and using modern technology to solve problems, providing innovative concepts and product design in a creative way that enable more companies to grow sustainably in the ever changing economy.

We provide engineering service for industrial and consumer markets particularly where it is necessary to use precision parts of engineering plastics and metal, microcontrollers and software.

For us it has all started with a degree in relevant discipline. We have enjoyed teamwork and collaboration while at University, developing Innovative Solutions and solving difficult problems in product and system design. Our skills were further improved during our career in relevant field working for companies classified as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom.

That was the time where we have learned how important it is to work using Lean and Agile approach and how much can be done to improve output and quality of product using modern tools and techniques. We are enthusiasts of 3D printing and we see it as a tool that would enable transformation of manufacturing sector providing necessary components on time without delays at a minimal cost without excessive stock. This technology also allows us to deliver quality prototypes at a minimum lead time.

Our mission is to solve problems That's why we value fair compensation, empower people and provide a room to grow, don't underestimate professional training, aiming to provide a healthy, creative work environment with respect for diversity.

We work with designers and engineers to help them solve their problemsin Mechanical and Electrical Design, Prototyping and Manufacture

We would like to hear from you about your projects and problems to prove how we can make your business more profitable.

What we do

Mechanical Design

- 3D CAD Design - 2D CAD Drafting - Solid Part - Sheet Metal - Assembly - 2D to 3D Transfer - Data Digitisation - Concept Models - Motion Analysis - Animations - BOM - Tooling Design - Vault Setup - Rendering - Exploded views - Manufacturing Documentation - Technical File Preparation - - Strength Calculations of Engineering Components - Beams and Shafts - Connections - Gears - Springs - Joints - Composite Panels - - Finite Element Analysis including Composite Materials -


- Rapid Prototyping - 3D Printing - Fused Deposition Modelling - CNC Milling - Cutting - Drilling - Component Selection - Component Assembly - Design Evaluation - Food Grade Materials - Mold Making




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